Linen Health Benefits

J Jones London Mens Linen Pyjama

Hemp linen is naturally sourced fabric which reflects light and releases a soothing effect on the human body amplifying positive emotions. According to Nobel prize Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg definition, the human atomic frequency is at 70-90. Linen fabric measures a robust 5000 units of positive energy complementing health and eliminating static electricity. In order to enjoy these health benefits fully, never mix wool with linen because the frequencies cancel out each other.

Linen's fabulous microscopic texture has a tender massaging effect, stimulating blood flow and releasing a feeling of relaxation and general well-being. It softens the skin thanks to its natural PH, protects from solar radiation, filter’s chemicals, noise and dust so actually helps your skin breathe. 

Hemp linen fabric supports the soothing process of inflammatory conditions. Considering its bacteriological and antiseptic properties it is frequently used in hospital sterile environments for surgery sutures and bandages. Known as an anti-allergic material it soothes allergies and skin problems.

Acknowledging hemp linen's positive energy frequency, it is an appropriate and therapeutic fabric to wear post-surgery. Linen is considered the favorite well-being fabric; it guarantees a good night’s sleep by falling asleep comfortably and waking up in a good mood. Flax linen reflects light and releases positive energy.

Clothing and Garments made of linen fabric are airy, lightweight, anti-perspiring, resistant to time, comfortable, antistatic, repel dirt and biodegradable. Linen clothing gently regulates body temperature, soothes your skin, resist bacteria and helps with perspiration control hence guaranteeing you well-being. Enjoy feeling fresh in the summer and warm in winter wearing or sleeping in linen pyjamas!



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