Post-op Care & Wear? Must Haves after Surgery!

Planning some post-surgery wardrobe is crucial to be prepared for the event. Plan ahead your post-surgery recovery and return to good health fast. Natural fabric garments remain essential in a successful recovery. Cotton and linen are considered appropriate fabrics to wear post-surgery as they are naturally comfortable fabrics to wear and promote wellbeing.

Linen's positive energy frequency complements health. Considering its bacteriological and antiseptic properties it gets frequently used in hospital sterile environments. Linen fabric’s microscopic texture has a tender massaging effect that stimulates blood flow.

Batiste Cotton is a natural fine lightweight fabric. It is breathable, absorbs perspiration and eliminates body’s moisture fast.  Acknowledged as hypoallergenic, it is appropriate for sensitive skin. Cotton is hygienic, resistant to bacteria and is easy-care.

Pyjamas sets with jackets are highly recommended as they are easy to put on and take off, remaining one feeling comfortable during doctor’s visits. Consider a comfort fit for movement post-surgery. Our loose fitting jackets and shorts are the best wear during recovery. These natural fabric garments enhance the healing process by facilitating movement, supporting air circulation and soothing post-surgery wounds.

Surgical compression garments, support bands or dressings are designed to help the internal body heal. Wearing suitable lightweight and breathable over clothing speeds wound recovery through air circulation and accentuates a comfortable recovery. After surgery wearing loosely fit garments allow for post-op drains.  





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