J Jones London’s Fabric Library

Cambric Cotton

Cambric cotton is named after Cambrai, a city in Southern France which contributed to its development. It is also referred to as Batiste Fabric. Its properties are of a lightweight plain woven fine and thin fabric. It is regularly used to make nightwear as it remains luxuriously soft, comfortable and naturally smooth.

J Jones London handpicked Cambric cotton fabric as one of the materials to use for its Somnus range of pyjamas.

Flex Linen

Flex Linen is a blend of Linen and cotton and is primarily valued for its cool and fresh sensation, best appreciated in warmerclimates. Linen is made up of natural fibers from the flax plant. Linen is cool to the touch, absorbs twice as much moisture as cotton, due to it wicking the moisture away from your body. Linen can essentially adapt itself to colder climates and make you snug even when worn in the winter.

J Jones London selected Linen flex for its versatility as a fabric for its Hypnos range of Pyjamas.


The sleep labs at J Jones London have been keeping busy testing some new fabric combinations in construction and count for our new loungewear and innerwear range of products.

All that excessive sleep has rejuvenated them to bring forth some new fabrics to ensure you sleep better.


Soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable, TENCEL® has an extremely smooth surface that drapes beautifully to flatter every physique and figure. Also known as Lyocell, the fibre feels soft and subtle and its absorption ability keeps the skin dry, making it a great fabric for sensitive skin.

Perfectly suited to our J Jones London Hypnos range


Originally developed in Austria from beech wood, Modal’s principle is based around pure softness. The fabric which encircles the body has a luxurious texture to it and feels like attire worn in heaven. Despite washing, Modal retains its softness and gets softer with use.

Perfectly suited for our J Jones London Somnus Range

Cotton & TENCEL

A complementary combination, Cotton & TENCEL® has formed the perfect fabric partnership offering the wearer an enhanced wear comfort. Both of these fibres come naturally, Cotton’s dense layer added to TENCEL’s® smooth surface makes this material more innovative and offers far greater functionality.