Our History

Why did Jay set up J Jones London


Jay Jones is a commuter. He spends his days shuttling to and from his workplace in London. If you, like Jay, have to travel to work, you’ll understand what disrupted sleep patterns are like: whether it’s a work deadline or that constant panic about missing your train.

 The thing that Jay desired most of all (apart from a chauffeur) was to be in his bed having a lie in. As he dreamt of the upcoming weekend, he craved spending Saturday in his cosy pyjamas with a newspaper and a cup of tea.  But when Saturday came, it was never quite as fantastic as he had imagined during his grinding commute. So he decided to do two things: create the ultimate pair of comfortable pyjamas for weekend warriors like him and get a coffee machine. He never looked back.

 Be like Jay and trade that commute for a comfortable night’s sleep and a restful weekend – in style.