The designers at J Jones London produced the finest feather light cotton and linen loungewear/nightwear, which are exceptionally comfortable and unquestionably stylish.
Choose from our niche range of sleep inspiring loungewear aimed at those of us who recognise comfort and well being as a pre-requisite to maintain balance and control in our busy lives. 
  • The Hypnos range – named after the Greek god of sleep, the Hypnos range of pyjamas is a classic product, which is made from the finest blend of linen and cotton.
  • The Somnus range – named after the Roman god of sleep, the Somnus pyjama is our best selling pyjama, lightweight and made from exquisite Cambric cotton. 
Our products are handsomely and elegantly gift boxed so that you can readily gift it to your loved ones else indulge in one for yourself. Buy here for a Free Delivery!