The A - Z of Sleep

In addition to producing beautifully crafted garments, the team at J Jones London are also sleep experts.

It is not unusual to find at least one member of JJones London asleep on the job in the name of ‘research’ – obviously wearing a pair of our luxury handmade pyjamas.

We’ve compiled the J Jones London A – Z of sleep:

A alarm clocks. 9 minutes is regarded as the optimal time for the snooze button because 10 mins is considered too long.

B bed. Make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible; replace your mattress every 7 years. Go on, you know it make sense.

C cotton.Cotton bedsheets.Bliss.

D dream.People spend an average of six years dreaming in a lifetime.

E eye masks. Don’t let the light ruin your sleep. Eye masks can help to block out light for a restful sleep.

F food. We love a big dinner but go easy with thebig meals before bed.

H happy. The sleep experts at J Jones London try to go to sleep happy by thinking of one good thing that happened that day

I insomnia.Comes from the Latin insomnmeaning sleepless and originates from 1685.

J Jay Jones.A man who prides himself on a good night’s sleep.

K king size bed. Go no smaller.

L lights.Blue lights from mobile phones and devices can stimulate your brain and prevent you feeling sleepy.

M mediate. Meditation before bed will help you snooze.

N nightcap. A small amount of alcohol aids sleep but can be disruptive and disturbs dreaming.

O ovaltine. A caffeine free drink some people used to drink before bed. Popular with grandmothers.

P pyjamas.The most important factor in being cosy in bed.

Q quilt. Type of blanket that the team at J Jones London like to go to bed with.

R REM. Phase most associated with dreams, kicks in after 90 minutes of sleep.

S socks. Wear socks to bed if you have bad circulation and get cold feet.

T tired. Tire your brain with counting sheep or naming animals.

U underwear.Optional.

V vacation. Take one if you haven’t slept well for ages.

W water. Drink water before you sleep to avoid dehydration.

X exercise. Helps tire your body out.

Y yoga. Can help relaxation and ensure decent sleep.

Z zone out. Count sheep before you sleepX