The Future of comfort through our fabric labs

The J Jones London fabric lab has been researching new technological developments in fabrics to integrate them into new ranges to give you an ultimate and bespoke sleep experience.

Bio Synthetics

This biosynthetic plant-based fabric is softer than silk, has antibacterial properties, is hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Its application in nightwear will provide the feel and look of silk.


Bio Plastics

Bio-based plastics incorporating natural fibres, technology allows for the natural fibre to be infused into the bio-plastic pellets prior to manufacture to create a range of materials which can be customised to deliver individual characteristics and functionalities.


Cosmetic Textiles

These are described as a new textile technology which helps the skin by making it firmer and revitalising it by applying active ingredients both safely and accurately.


Bio Ceramics

By injecting natural and man-made fibres with ceramic-insulating powder, new fabrics have been developed which help accelerate the body's own natural healing process and may actually minimise scarring.